Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Ever get the feeling that you are gradually being buried under an avalanche of paper, files, to do lists, actions on your desk? Ever heard of the phrase ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees!’. Well hold on, take a few moments, take a deep breath and work the following plan to get yourself back on track.

You’ll be so glad you did….get yourself a pad and a pen and engage in the following.

Sort all items from your inbox and lying around on top of your desk into 4 piles and then with each piece of paper you handle, you make yourself a promise to only handle it once to:

a. DECIDE.. Action (what), Filing (where), Pending (when)

b. DO.. Quick and immediate action – do it now! i.e <30 seconds

c. DELEGATE.. as much as possible, perhaps one of the greatest skills

d. DISCARD/DELETE/DUMP or DITCH IT ‘feed’ your wastebasket at regular intervals, be ruthless or you’ll never have any space

This can be successfully maintained in 10 minute bursts, or for some of us, we perhaps need to schedule a time to really attack this and may need to diary an hour or so. Enjoy the feeling of a well managed desk. Use the technique regularly and you’ll be back in control before you know it.

The author: Sammy Lloyd is Head of Learning and Development at Branding Science. After a professional rugby player career, he was ideally placed to foster enthusiasm in the commercial world. He has now 24 years experience of coaching, mentoring and developing individuals and teams.

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