Monday, 19 September 2011

How to Avoid ‘Deskstress’ and get your Sanity Back…today!

Most of us today encounter many kinds of stress. One I see happening all the time is ‘deskstress’.

The most common form of ‘deskstress’ is when we get totally swamped under an alarming amount

of electrical gadgets, files, papers, binders, folders, computers and a myriad of other space taking materials.

If you are at the point where you need a system to ‘get on top of things’, then here you go.

You’ll gain the freedom that only ‘having a fabulous, yet easy system’ can bring you.

All you have to do is implement it and you’ll be so happy you did.

Let’s go…

1. Create three accessible holding files for hardcopy



3. Projects (sub-categories e.g. ABC projects etc.)

2. Sort all items from your inbox into four piles and then:

- Decide Action (what), Filing (where) Pending (when)

- Do Quick and immediate action – do it now!

- Delegate as much as possible

- Discard, Ditch, Dump or Delete ‘feed’ your wastebasket at regular intervals

3. Work through your ‘decide’ pile:

- Date-activate, select the most appropriate day for action and add to tasks to your activity system (calendar, outlook etc)

- Store in either your e-files or hardcopy files

4. Review before the end of every day

- Remember – what you see grab’s your attention – make sure what you see is important!

Employ the above system and you are on your way to eliminating your ‘deskstress’.

You’ll have a system; you’ll have a technique that will not let you down.

You’ll be more productive and your efficiency levels will be at an all time high.

Good luck

Sammy Lloyd is Head of Learning at Branding Science and has been deeply involved in Coaching and Learning and Development programmes for over 20 years.

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