Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Aligning Strategy and Sales

Advertising, conferences, Key Opinion Leaders, medical representatives, digital...Brand managers in the pharmaceutical industry have a wealth of opportunities to encourage conversations about their treatment. But if these conversations are not aligned with the brand strategy, the results can be disappointing.

With new digital communication channels, the importance of sales reps is frequently discussed but they are still a key element of the brand strategy - and they will remain, for the years to come, a critical source of information for physicians and the evidence of the involvement and interest a company pays into the scientific community. However, to provide value to both healthcare professionals and the brand they represent, their efforts must be aligned with the brand strategy.

Frank Cespedes, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, explains how to connect what your people sell with your business goals.

The author: Axel Rousseau is brand scientist (SRE) at Branding-Science and has been working on international market research and consultancy since 2008.


AshlynnCurtis said...

It is critical that you align sales plans with corporate strategy. That's easier said than done, but following these four steps will get you thinking in the right direction. Nice post. Thanks.

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