Monday, 10 February 2014

Cupcakes and Conferences

Branding Science at the Pharma Market Research Conference
It has become a tradition: the Pharma Market Research Conference, one of the main conferences focused on pharmaceutical market research in the US (as its name suggests), took place this Thursday and Friday, in the midst of cataclysmic weather conditions.

Despite Mother Nature’s twisted sense of humor, a decent crowd made it to the Hilton in Parsippany NJ, showing the dedication of market research professionals to this event.

As in the last couple of years, Branding Science was present with a great stand that never misses the mark, sparking a flurry of positive reactions and smiles among clients and leaving competitors green with envy (but yet smiling as well).


Needless to say, our branded cupcakes were a huge hit (they were really delicious, made by House of Cupcakes, famous winner of ‘Cupcake Wars’, for those familiar with this popular show).

Cupcakes were only one of our tools to lure clients into our stand: the USB keys were even more popular, but we also gave out calendars, as well as flyers and a great infographic created for the circumstance.


Overall, with a favorable client-agency ratio (were present companies such as Merck, Ipsen, BI, Takeda, Celgene, Daiichi, Onyx,Forest Labs, Bayer and many others) and an interesting mix of sessions - mostly revolving around new technologies in market research, emotional insights as a driver of brand strategy, storylining and patient-centric market research - the Pharma Market Research 2014 was a great forum for us to showcase our capabilities and make connections that will hopefully have a positive impact on our business in the future.

And yes, surprisingly, there were leftover cupcakes….

This article was written by Joelle Gryniewicz in our US office.

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