Wednesday, 11 March 2015

More for patients

By now, you may have seen Adweek’s 2-minute video on Branding. Upon its release, the video immediately went viral, receiving over 130,000 views in 23 days.

What could be so compelling? The video speaks to one simple truth: the success of a brand hinges on the team’s ability to “see through the eyes, hearts, and minds of people.”

Watching the video got me thinking about pharma. During a recent project I interviewed a cancer patient named Jim, who spoke about the emotional roller coaster of his disease with complete vulnerability. 

When asked to describe his ideal treatment, Jim described Baymax from the Oscar-award winning animated film Big Hero 6. He said, “I want to feel like I have an arm being put around me, like I have someone who is helping to carry me through the pain and suffering.”

For those who haven’t seen Big Hero 6, Baymax is a healthcare providing robot who acts as a guardian and best friend to the movie’s main character Hiro. His comprehensive approach involves being in sync with patients physical AND emotional needs. He is the embodiment of patient-centric care, whose sole purpose in life is to care for people. Instantly activated by the sound of distress, Baymax only deactivates once his patient states “I am satisfied with my care.”

If Baymax is the gold standard for patient care, to what extent does pharma achieve this?

Every brand puts patient imagery front and center in their communications, but does that translate into a meaningful brand experience? How does pharma go beyond treatment and communication materials to truly address the needs of patients?

Living patient centricity is a challenge, but, in doing so, brands have the power to cut through the clutter and make all the difference – not just in the minds of patients, but for prescribers and payers as well.

A simple question must be answered.

Does your brand rise above to meet the needs of your customers?
·         What brand initiatives are you most proud of?
·         What has your brand done to change the treatment paradigm?
·         What added value does your brand provide to your customers?
·         What can your brand do to make Baymax a reality?
I believe in more for patients. Does your brand? Let’s get the conversation going. #moreforpatients

The author: Jess Soriano, part of the Branding Science San Francisco team 

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