Friday, 15 June 2012

The value of teamwork

A few weeks ago, one of the workshops we facilitated was introduced to the team with the following video:

The point was to emphasise the value of teamwork:
  • Each of these 5 people perfectly play their role in delivering the song
  • The coordination of the band doesn't tell how much rehearsal and training has been invested in this video - but we guess it's been hard work!
  • They only have one guitar - Even with relatively little means, what a fantastic achievement for these guys!?
Although it is a bit of a long video and everyone got the point in the first minute, I found this example extremely inspiring. To me, it shows that with creativity and the right energy, you can achieve extraordinary results. And what is more relevant when your key challenge is to do more with less?

The author: Axel Rousseau is brand scientist (SRE) at Branding-Science and has been working on international market research and consultancy since 2008.

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