Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Understanding the cultural values influencing patients

Odette Navarro and Axel Rousseau from Branding Science will be facilitating at EPhMRA Asia in Singapore (November the 14th, 14.35 - 15.05) a session on understanding cultural differences to optimise research and marketing.
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Exploring 3 markets, our session will demonstrate the importance of understanding how cultural values may lead to certain behaviours and therefore, the importance of taking this into account when designing and analysing patient research.  Using a framework developed by social academic - Professor Geert Hofstede, the speakers will show how various identifiable cultural dimensions can be used to make cultural comparisons and can then be used to adapt research design and methodology to facilitate research engagement.

Odette Navarro,  Managing Director,  Branding Science - Philippines / Asia and  Axel Rousseau,  Research Manager,  Branding Science - Japan / Asia
Yong Huey Ling - IMS Health, China

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